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5+ Best Marketing Attribution Software to Maximize Your ROI [2023]

Want to find out how your marketing channels are working together, and which ones bring the most impact so you can allocate your budget properly? Well, the key to achieving that is using marketing attribution software.

Briefly speaking, attribution software empowers you to accurately attribute conversions and sales to specific marketing channels, campaigns, and touchpoints. And in this blog post, we’ve tested and wrapped up the 5+ best marketing attribution software for you.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is An Attribution Window?

Attribution windows take into account the duration between when an individual sees an advertisement or clicks on the ad and when they perform the desired action. Essentially, you can liken an attribution window to a conversion window.

Within this designated timeframe, which might span five, seven, ten days, or even longer, an ad publisher can rightfully attribute credit for a click, impression, or conversion that occurs. It’s a way of measuring the impact of the ad and determining its effectiveness in driving your desired user actions within that specific time window.

Here is an infographic of Google Attribution to help you better visualize what an attribution window is:

infographic on how google attribution works
Infographic on how Google Attribution works

Why Is Marketing Attribution Important?

Marketing attribution gives you valuable insights into which of your marketing channels are working best, and which ones are underperforming. This will help you allocate your budget better, know where to focus your efforts, etc.

Here are the benefits of proper attribution of your marketing efforts:

  • Optimized marketing spend: Attribution models provide you with insights into how your marketing dollars are best spent by highlighting the touchpoints that generate the most engagements. This allows you to adjust your budget and media spend more efficiently.
  • Increased ROI: Effective attribution enables you to reach the right consumers, at the right time, with the right message, resulting in higher conversions and a boosted marketing return on investment.
  • Improved personalization: you can utilize attribution data to understand the messaging and channels preferred by individual customers, enabling more effective targeting throughout their buying journey.
  • Improve product development: Person-level attribution empowers you to better comprehend your consumers’ needs, which can be referenced when making updates to the product to target desired functionalities.
  • Optimized creative: Attribution models that evaluate the creative elements of your campaign enable you to refine messaging and visual elements and gain a better understanding of how and when to communicate with users.
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Why Is Marketing Attribution Software Important?

  • Accuracy and precision: Marketing attribution software employs advanced algorithms and data analytics to accurately attribute conversions to the appropriate touchpoints. This level of precision is challenging to achieve manually, ensuring you get a clearer picture of what drives customer actions.
  • Time and resource savings: Automating the attribution process saves valuable time and resources compared to the labor-intensive nature of manual attribution. With software handling data collection and analysis, your team can focus on interpreting insights and implementing strategic improvements.
  • Holistic views of the customer journey: Attribution software provides a holistic view of the customer journey, considering multiple touchpoints and interactions across various channels. Manual attribution may miss crucial touchpoints, leading to incomplete insights.
  • Data-driven decision making: Marketing attribution software generates data-driven insights, enabling more informed decision-making. It empowers marketers to allocate budgets effectively, invest in successful channels, and optimize overall marketing strategies for better ROI.
  • Scalability and complexity: As businesses grow and marketing efforts become more complex, manual attribution becomes increasingly challenging and error-prone. Attribution software easily scales to handle larger datasets and intricate marketing funnels, ensuring reliable results.

Best 7 Marketing Attribution Software You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

#1. HubSpot Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software

When it comes to marketing attribution software, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub stands out as a top-notch solution for measuring and analyzing the performance of your marketing efforts.

With its all-in-one CRM platform, HubSpot brings together your CRM data and Marketing Software data, offering seamless access to a wealth of information without the need for SQL or coding skills.

This integration allows you to effortlessly review and share marketing attribution data, providing valuable insights to your team and ensuring everyone receives credit for their contributions.

HubSpot marketing attribution software
HubSpot– one of the best multi-touch marketing attribution software

Highlight Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub:

  • Granular attribution reporting: HubSpot offers both Contact Attribution and Revenue Attribution Reporting, enabling you to track customer interactions and revenue generated from those interactions for precise insights.
  • Custom report builder: Consolidate all your data in one place, accessing contact, company, deal, landing page, blog, and email data with ease, simplifying your marketing reporting processes.
  • Custom objects: Tailor your data to match your business needs, creating new segments and generating custom reports, campaigns, and workflows.
  • Reporting dashboards: Utilize customizable and flexible reporting dashboards with pre-built templates, easily shareable via email or Slack for enhanced collaboration.
  • Behavioral events and Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Identify customer readiness for the next stage in the buyer’s journey through Behavioral Events, while ABM helps bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales, enabling you to close more high-value target accounts.

#2. Triple Whale

Triple Whale stands out as one of the best marketing attribution software solutions, offering an all-in-one e-commerce operating system that empowers businesses with powerful analytics, attribution, and AI capabilities. By aggregating and visualizing data from various sources, Triple Whale provides e-commerce companies with a transparent and comprehensive view of the metrics that truly matter.

Seamlessly integrating with top applications and networks like Shopify, Klaviyo, and Facebook, Triple Whale presents a holistic perspective of business performance through a customizable dashboard. Notably, it is the only software to offer full-featured mobile apps for both iOS and Android, granting users real-time access to their performance data from anywhere, at any time.

Triple Whale marketing attribution software
Triple Whale is a top multi-touch marketing attribution software you shouldn’t miss out on

Highlight Features of Triple Whale:

  • Proprietary triple pixel: Utilizing a unique Triple Pixel, Triple Whale directly tracks first-party customer purchase data at the ad level, providing accurate attribution insights without relying on modeled data or guesswork.
  • Server-side pixel integration: Customers can opt for the unique server-side pixel to gain immediate clarity on shopper origins, and product preferences, and optimize future marketing strategies.
  • Unlimited users and store integrations: Triple Whale offers flexibility by allowing unlimited users and store integrations, catering to the diverse needs of e-commerce companies.
  • Automated reporting: Streamline your data wrangling process with Triple Whale’s automated email and Slack reporting, saving time and enabling teams to focus on business growth.
  • Comprehensive data insights: Enjoy in-depth analytics, including Mean, Median, and Mode AOV data, LTV and Cohort Analysis, Product Journeys, and more, empowering marketers with accurate, user-friendly data insights.

#3. Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is the next marketing attribution software we would love to bring to the table today. Thanks to its seamless integration with major ad platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, Ruler Analytics will enable you to track and attribute your marketing efforts with laser precision.

What’s awesome is that with Ruler Analytics, you can compare various rule-based models like first click, last click, and linear attribution, and map your customer journey to identify the marketing channels causing visitors to find your brand, make purchases, and convert into other ways (e.g. complete an online form, phone call, or chat inquiries)

Ruler Analytics marketing attribution software
Ruler Analytics is a robust marketing attribution software worth trying

Highlight Features of Ruler Analytics:

  • Closed-Loop marketing attribution: Access all revenue and conversion data in one place, providing a holistic view of your marketing efforts impact.
  • Multi-channel attribution: Track both online and offline conversions to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • Customer journey mapping: Identify the marketing channels that drive visitors to discover your business, make purchases, and engage in other conversion actions.
  • Form submission tracking: Capture and match customer data from form submissions to the marketing sources, enhancing lead generation and customer profiling.
  • Google Analytics integration: Seamlessly integrate Ruler Analytics with Google Analytics and Google Adwords to consolidate and analyze your marketing attribution data efficiently.

#4. DreamData

Dreamdata is a powerful B2B revenue marketing attribution platform designed to streamline and optimize your business’s revenue-related data. By gathering, joining, and cleansing all revenue data, Dreamdata presents you with transparent and actionable insights into the factors driving B2B revenue.

Integrating seamlessly with your tech stack, this platform tracks every touchpoint to construct comprehensive B2B customer journeys. Through visualized interactive timelines of each account in your pipeline, Dreamdata offers you unprecedented visibility into these your customers, your marketing channel’s performance, and more.

Dreamdata marketing attribution software
Dreamdata is an ideal marketing attribution software for B2B businesses

Highlight Features of Dreamdata:

  • End-to-end customer journeys: Track every recorded touchpoint to gain a holistic understanding of your B2B customer journeys, enabling you to identify crucial revenue-driving interactions.
  • Customizable multi-touch attribution models: Run all touch through flexible attribution models that span across and between pipeline stages, revealing the true impact of different channels and campaigns on generating revenue.
  • ROI tracking and growth benchmarking: Measure the ROI of various activities, benchmark your growth, predict revenue, and plan scalable efforts with confidence using Dreamdata’s powerful analytics.
  • Free access to data platform: Dreamdata offers Data, Ops, and BI professionals free access to the data platform, including all the data on BigQuery, B2B data models, and maintenance-free data pipelines.
  • Integration with preferred BI tools: Connect your favorite BI tools and dashboards to easily report and query data on BigQuery, allowing you to visualize and analyze your revenue attribution data your way.

#5. Attribution

You know how crucial it is to understand the true impact of your marketing efforts, and that’s where Attribution shines as one of the best marketing attribution software solutions. Whether you’re a B2C marketer seeking to optimize your marketing ROI or a B2B marketer looking to streamline the path to purchase, Attribution has you covered.

With its automated data collection feature, this enterprise multi-touch marketing attribution software effectively organizes all your online and offline touchpoints, merging them with budget spend information for a comprehensive view.

Attribution marketing attribution software
Propel your business toward success with Attribution’s powerful features at your fingertips

Highlighted Features of Attribution:

  • Comprehensive touchpoint analysis: Attribution identifies and analyzes the specific impact of each touchpoint in your marketing funnel, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Affiliate marketing management: Seamlessly manage your affiliate marketing activities, report on partner performance, and compare their impact against other marketing channels.
  • Automated attribution models: Leverage machine learning algorithms to create automated attribution models, unveiling patterns and insights from your data and touchpoints.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports: Easily segment your data by campaign, touchpoint, or channel with Attribution’s intuitive dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Seamless data integration: Synchronize all attribution data with your existing software, including CRM, marketing tools, and business intelligence solutions, streamlining your workflow.

#6. RockerBox

Up next, we have RockerBox– a reliable marketing attribution software to help you navigate through the complexities of channel effectiveness and make data-driven decisions. The platform is well-packed with various features to help optimize your spending, analyze performance, and scale your marketing efforts intelligently.

With Rockerbox, you can execute precise in-channel optimizations, ensuring you no longer waste resources on underperforming channels. The best part is RockerBox’s user-friendly interface will let you achieve your goals without the need for additional technical expertise.

rockerbox marketing attribution software
RockerBox has all you need to make data-backed decisions

Highlight Features of Rockerbox:

  • Comprehensive attribution: Leverage various attribution methodologies to gain a holistic understanding of channel performance and customer behavior.
  • Easy-to-use platform: The user-friendly interface allows you to execute optimizations and make data-driven decisions without requiring advanced technical expertise.
  • Budget optimization: Identify and reallocate funds from underperforming channels, ensuring your marketing budget is utilized effectively.
  • In-channel testing: Run experiments within your marketing channels to identify the most impactful strategies for improved campaign performance.
  • Complete customer journey view: With accurate data insights, understand the customer journey from awareness to conversion, enabling you to refine your marketing efforts.

#7. Branch

And last but not least, Branch is another attribution software we’d love to recommend to you today. By connecting all of your customer touchpoints, from all channels, with conversions on any platform, Branch helps you have a clearer and deeper picture of your cross-channel marketing efforts.

One of the most valuable features of Branch is its Predictive Modeling feature- which allows you to accurately attribute conversions even without a universal ID. This comes in handy given that the IDFA is no longer available.

branch marketing attribution software
Branch– a top marketing attribution software in the market

Branch’s Highlight Features:

  • Anonymous predictive modeling: Utilize historical attributions to ensure accurate tracking when a universal ID is unavailable, maintaining the integrity of your attribution data.
  • Referral and ads attribution: Track the effectiveness of both referrals and ads, enabling you to assess the performance of different marketing strategies.
  • Cross-platform cohort analysis: Conduct in-depth comparisons of marketing campaigns across various platforms and channels, helping you identify the most successful approaches.
  • Analytics dashboards: Access clear and insightful data visualizations that segment information by device, platform, channel, campaign, conversion events, or metrics for easy analysis.
  • Comprehensive tracking: Measure the success of your email, web, and social media marketing efforts, providing a holistic understanding of your marketing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is attribution software?

Attribution software is a tool that helps marketers understand the impact of their marketing campaigns on customer acquisition and conversion. It does this by tracking customer journeys across multiple channels and touchpoints and then assigning credit to each channel for its role in the conversion.

2. How does attribution app work?

Attribution apps work by collecting data about customer interactions with your brand across all channels. This data can include things like website visits, email opens, and app downloads. The app then uses this data to build a model of customer journeys and to assign credit to each channel for its role in a conversion.

3. What is an example of attribution tracking?

Let’s say a customer visits your website, then opens an email from you, and then downloads your app. The attribution app would track all of these interactions, and then assign credit to each channel for its role in the conversion.

For example, the app might assign 50% of the credit to the website visit, 25% to the email, and 25% to the app download.

4. What is attribution in technology?

In technology, attribution refers to the process of determining which marketing channels are responsible for driving conversions. This is important for marketers because it helps them to understand which channels are most effective, and to allocate their budget accordingly.

Here are some examples of attribution in technology:

  • A company that sells software might use attribution software to track which marketing channels are driving leads and sales.
  • A website owner might use attribution software to track which marketing channels are driving traffic to their website.
  • A mobile app developer might use attribution software to track which marketing channels are driving downloads of their app.

Final Thoughts!

In brief, by accurately attributing conversions and analyzing data on customer interactions, you can optimize your marketing strategies, allocate resources wisely, and maximize your ROI.

And we hope after going through our list of the 5+ best marketing attribution software, you can choose the one that best fits your tracking demands.

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