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TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Which Is The Ultimate #1 Profit-Tracking Solution?


Tired of tracking your sales data from 10+ different sources manually? And now you’re looking for a tracking solution to take the heavy lifting off your plate? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll dive into a head-to-head comparison between two leading players in the market: TrueProfit vs BeProfit. Both these apps have gained significant popularity among Shopify users, but which is truly worth your time and investment?

Let’s explore!

TrueProfit vs BeProfit: A Quick Glance

Before we dive deeper into TrueProfit vs BeProfit comparison, let us help you have a better understanding of these top Shopify profit tracker apps.

What is TrueProfit?

TrueProfit has become popular among Shopify store owners, thanks to its powerful tracking capacities.

TrueProfit is a profit calculator app that integrates and tracks all kinds of expenses from your Shopify stores, along with multiple integrated advertising platforms (Facebook, Google, Bing, Snapchat, and TikTok).

The app is able to gather financial data from multiple sources to show you your accurate real-time profit, in one single unified dashboard! TrueProfit analyzes your profitability from various perspectives: product, customer, marketing channels, etc.

In addition to tracking and analyzing real-time statistics, TrueProfit also automates the overall accounting process. Thanks to its capability to calculate advanced statistics and generate customizable reports, TrueProfit visualizes business performance and displays profits and losses.

TrueProfit’s excellent features and automation is definitely what you need in making data-driven decisions to expand your business’s potential.

TrueProfit provides real-time profit analytics for Shopify
TrueProfit automatically tracks and shows you your real-time revenues, profits & losses

What is BeProfit?

BeProfit is famous for its real-time data-tracking solution that empowers merchants to stay on top of all their finances.

As a reliable profit analytics app, BeProfit provides you with a clear and organized overview of your Shopify sales, expenses, and profits across multiple platforms. Overall business statistics tracking can be done within one convenient dashboard. You can easily track your revenue streams, analyze your profit margins, and identify key trends.

BeProfit is a profit analytics app with extensive tracking features - trueprofit vs beprofit
BeProfit is a profit analytics app with extensive tracking features

TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Head-to-head Comparison

#1. TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Pricing

If you wanna save time, take a quick look at this table which is updated on July 2023. From this, we can clearly tell that TrueProfit is a better value for money. Scroll further to have a more detailed comparison.

Pricing PlansTrueProfitBeProfit
Basic plan
  • LTV analytics
  • Multi-store view
  • Dashboard customization
  • Track Revenue & ROAS based on UTM
  • Email Report
  • Export report
Allotted Monthly Orders300200
Team member31
Data time periodUnlimited1 year
Extra order fee$0.2/order$0.3/order
Advanced plan
Allotted Monthly Orders800600
Extra order fee$0.1/order$0.2/order
Team member53
Data time periodUnlimited1 year
  • LTV analytics
  • Multi-store view
  • Dashboard customization
Ultimate plan
Allotted Monthly Orders20001200
Extra order fee$0.05/order$0.1/order
Data time periodUnlimited2 years
Team member105
Enterprise plan
Multi-channel attributionYesNo
Data time periodUnlimited5 years


TrueProfit has four pricing plans, ranging from $25 to $200 per month:

  1. Basic Plan: costs $25 monthly and includes real-time Profit/Loss Analytics and a Customer Lifetime Value Report. However, it comes with an additional $0.2 per exceeding order, with a maximum surcharge of $300.
  2. Advanced Plan: priced at $50 per month, offers all the BASIC plan features, plus product analytics, P&L report, advanced shipping cost settings, Shopify Shipping auto-sync, and custom email report. The exceeding order fee is reduced to $0.1, with a maximum surcharge of $400.
  3. Ultimate Plan: priced at $100 monthly and provides additional features like Quantity Break for COGS Settings and Product Bundling Analytics. The exceeding order fee is further reduced to $0.05, with a maximum surcharge of $500.
  4. Enterprise Plan: starts from $200 monthly, with pricing based on your last 12-month revenue. It offers unlimited orders, no extra order fees, and access to all features.
TrueProfit’s pricing plans on the Shopify App Store
TrueProfit’s pricing plans on the Shopify App Store


BeProfit has four pricing plans as well, with one free and three paid plans:

  1. Starter Plan: BeProfit offers the Starter plan for free, accommodating up to 5 monthly orders;
  2. Basic Plan: costs $25 monthly and includes the same features as the STARTER PLAN. However, it incurs an exceeding order fee of $0.3 per order above 200 monthly orders;
  3. Pro Plan: priced at $75 per month, includes additional features like Custom reports, Customizable dashboards, P&L reports, and Unlimited filters. It incurs an exceeding order fee of $0.2 per order above 600 monthly orders;
  4. Ultimate Plan: is priced at $150 per month and includes Marketing insights, UTM attribution, LTV cohort analysis, and a Multi-shop dashboard. It incurs an exceeding order fee of $0.1 per order above 1,200 monthly.
BeProfit’s pricing plans on the Shopify App Store
BeProfit’s pricing plans on the Shopify App Store

Final verdict

TrueProfit wins.

Though BeProfit has one free plan, it’s limited because if you have more than five orders per month, you’ll have to move to the Basic plan at $25/month.

And from there, TrueProfit’s pricing plans offer better value for your money because:

  • At $25, TrueProfit allows 300 monthly orders and charges $0.2/exceeding order. Meanwhile, at $25, BeProfit limits only 200 monthly orders and charges you $0.3/exceeding order.
  • Plus, TrueProfit has the maximum surcharge- this is extremely important if you have many orders.

E.g:  if you have 10,000 monthly orders, the monthly fee you’ll have to pay for TrueProfit for its $25/month plan is $450. Meanwhile, this number with BeProfit is $3,250 for the same $25/month plan.

  • TrueProfit has four paid plans, while BeProfit only has three paid ones. Hence, it’s safe to say that TrueProfit’s pricing plans offer merchants more flexible options.

#2. TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Features


TrueProfit has a lot of robust tracking features, allowing you to track not only your site-width profits and losses but the detailed breakdown of your store analytics:

  • Auto-track all kinds of costs: You can effortlessly track various costs associated with your business using TrueProfit. This includes COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), shipping costs, transaction fees, and customs costs. This comprehensive tracking ensures that you have a complete overview and full control of your expenses.
  • Real-time sync ad spends: Sync your ad spending data from multiple advertising platforms to one tracking platform, such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Snapchat, TikTok, and Amazon. In real time, you can analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and their impact on your overall profitability.
  • Profit tracker: Stay on top of your financial health with the Profit and Loss (PnL) Report provided by TrueProfit. This feature gives you a clear picture of your revenue, expenses, and profit margins. From there, it allows you to identify areas for improvement.
  • Product analytics: Gain valuable insights into your most profitable items and product bundles. TrueProfit’s product analytics feature helps you understand which products are driving the most revenue, allowing you to optimize your product offerings and maximize profits.
  • Know your customer lifetime value: Understand the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers, as well as metrics like customer acquisition cost (CAC) and repurchase rate. TrueProfit can support identifying your most valuable customers and implementing strategies to increase customer retention.

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As a top profit analytics app, BeProfit doesn’t fall behind TrueProfit in terms of tracking features and customizations:

  • Syncing capabilities: BeProfit can effortlessly sync your ad platforms, expenses, and order data. It also generates up-to-date reports that reflect the most recent information.
  • Custom reporting: Schedule custom reports and have them conveniently emailed directly to you. BeProfit will ensure that you stay informed and in control of your business’s financial performance.
  • Accessibility and collaboration: The app is accessible almost anywhere and anytime so that you can monitor your business, even on the go. Additionally, you can collaborate with your teammates, fostering seamless teamwork and shared insights.
  • Customer lifetime value analysis: Utilize cutting-edge cohort analysis provided by BeProfit to analyze important metrics, such as customer lifetime value, return on ad spend (ROAS), and customer acquisition cost (CAC). This feature is beneficial in the case of making data-driven decisions to optimize your business strategies.
  • UTM tracking: BeProfit offers UTM tracking capabilities, enabling you to optimize your advertising campaigns, email marketing, affiliate programs, and influencer collaborations. You will have access to a deeper understanding of their effectiveness and performance.

Final verdict

This is a close one. TrueProfit takes the lead with bundle analytics and custom expense tracking.

Both TrueProfit vs BeProfit are fantastic regarding what you can track, from your profits and losses of multiple stores, product analytics, customer analytics, and more. But TrueProfit gives you some extra tracking features:

  • With TrueProfit, you can gain insights from your best-selling bundles– which you can use to increase your AOV with product bundles that are most likely to sell. BeProfit has product analytics, but the insights for which items sell well together are not available.
  • Suppose you’re running an affiliate campaign; you can set custom affiliate cost = 10% revenue. This is yet to be possible with BeProfit.

#3. TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Ease of use


Ease of use is one of the notable features merchants love when talking about TrueProfit. With only 30 minute setup, you’ll gain access to your real-time profits and losses of multiple Shopify stores.

TrueProfit synchronizes and puts all your data under stunning graphs and charts depicting your store’s key metrics. Plus, you can customize your report to view only the metrics that matter the most.

TrueProfit’s modern and intuitive dashboard
TrueProfit’s modern and intuitive dashboard


Likewise, BeProfit receives many positive reviews on the Shopify App Store with its ease of use, clean and visually appealing dashboard.

When you install BeProfit, you’ll access an intuitive analytics dashboard and powerful profit tracking, allowing you to effortlessly calculate your profit, track costs, sync marketing spending, and view lifetime value reports.

With this app, you can conveniently analyze your order metrics, shipping, inventory, marketing costs, attribution, and profits in one place. Whether you prefer automated or custom reports, BeProfit offers you the flexibility to generate the insights you need.

BeProfit’s professional and well-categorized dashboard
BeProfit’s professional and well-categorized dashboard

Final verdict

It’s a tie! Both TrueProfit and BeProfit are built with user experience in mind, allowing you to easily navigate around the app and keep track of all your key metrics without the sweating part. So, it’s a matter of your preference.

#4. TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Integration


TrueProfit seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms to provide you with comprehensive tracking and analysis capabilities. The app offers instant and real-time integration with popular ad channels such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Snapchat, and TikTok. This allows you to effortlessly sync and track your ad spends without manual data entry.

TrueProfit’s seamless integrations
TrueProfit’s seamless integrations

Additionally, TrueProfit integrates with various shipping platforms (Shippo, ShipStation, Shipwire, ShippingEasy, ShipBob, and Shiphero), enabling you to factor in shipping costs accurately. The app also supports integration with other platforms, including marketing platforms, to gather and consolidate all relevant data for calculating your true profit.


BeProfit offers seamless integrations with various platforms, allowing you to streamline your business operations and gain accurate insights. The app integrates with your store platform, marketing channels, accounting software, payment processor, and shipping accounts.

By syncing your ad platforms, expenses, and order data, BeProfit provides you with up-to-date reports that reflect the latest information.

BeProfit’s extensive integrations with top ad channels and marketing platforms
BeProfit’s extensive integrations with top ad channels and marketing platforms

With BeProfit’s integrations, you can analyze customer lifetime value, return on ad spend (ROAS), and customer acquisition cost (CAC) using cutting-edge cohort analysis.

Final verdict

We would say this is a tie. Both apps allow you to integrate with your ad channels, shipping platforms, payment gateways, marketing tools, etc., without the hassle.

Round up: TrueProfit Offers Better Value For Your Money!

In conclusion, both TrueProfit vs BeProfit is powerful tools for tracking and analyzing your business’s profit and loss. While both apps offer a range of features and integrations, TrueProfit stands out as a more affordable option, particularly if you have thousands of orders per month.

We hope this comparison of TrueProfit vs BeProfit has given you a clearer view of which is best for your business’s needs and wants. Stay true for more!

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